The ultimate resource for help assembling flat pack funriture in the UK.

About Us

About Us:

Flat Pack Advice has been developed to offer impartial and objective help and advice regarding assembling flat pack furniture. Originally I noticed a niche in the market for an assembly service, however there also appears to be a niche for advice and help for the embattled person weary of their flat pack plight!

Most of the experience has been gained from assembling furniture for private and commercial customers over the past four years. I still assemble furniture for people in the North of England via my sister site Flat Pack Assemblers and am therefore aware of the current changes in the market and product available.

In essence this site is here to offer:
  • Advice before you buy, especially some of the pitfalls you might not expect!
  • Advice before you start or when you get stuck during assembly.
  • Reference to assemblers who can finish or do the job for you.

If you can't find what you want on this website, you can email me via the contact page and I will either direct you to the right page, or give you any advice I can. You can also call me (Edwin Cooke) during reasonable hours (07929 975 809).

Good Luck

Edwin Cooke Edwin Cooke

Personal History:

I have spent the last seven years building furniture and other related items for private and commercial customers throughout the UK and there is not much in the way of flat pack I have not seen!

Prior to this my background (15 years or so) was purely IT and Electronics. I have worked for a variety of large organisations such as De La Rue, Brother Industries and the RAC, developing products and solutions to meet the market need.

After being made redundant I started assembling flat pack furniture as a sideline, spotted a niche in the market and tried to develop a nationwide service. Like many (80% of new businesses), we failed within 5 years! In 2007 my former company Flat Pack Amigos Ltd overtraded, causing a terminal cash flow problem, which rendered the business insolvent. It was a pity because we had built up a reasonable customer base and were making significant progress in certain areas.

I also develop websites for people and you can find out more at: Website Development