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Pine Solutions

Pine Solutions

As the company name suggests most of their furniture is pine. However they suply the firniture in a variety of finishes, including a brilliant glossy white, which is beautiful.

Pine Solutions appear to be going from strength to strength, they have a good product offering at a great price and I regularly build their products.

The assembly errs towards screws rather than other fittings (such as cam studs and torsion pins) and can take longer than other suppliers to assemble as a result, but the instructions are clear and the product goes together very easily.

The final results are very impressive too. Personally I am not a big fan of pine furniture, but whenever I have completed assembling their items they always look fantastic and as I say the white finish on the Cameo range of furniture is probably some of the best I have seen. Very often with white furniture it is not packaged properly, for example unsightly marks appear or the paint isn;t quite dry leaving a rough section where the packaging touched. This is not the case with the Cameo range of furniture which from what I have seen so far is excellent!

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