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Harveys are part of the same group as Bensons for Beds, hence the fact that many stores contain both companies.

The Harveys range of flat pack furniture is mainly wardrobes and the following items are most the common:-

  • Sliderobes - Sliding Wardrobes
  • Lima - Hinged Doors

Both products are supplied by German manufacturer Rauch and provide excellent value for money in the form of good storage for the price, and they look superb.

The wardrobes are large and require someone fit and strong to assemble and are easier if you are tall, though step ladders can be used and/or the challenge may be tackled by two people.

The assembly process, is modular and one of the few ranges, where they are assembled standing up. Once you have a rhythm they are fairly easy. However the most complex aspects are:

  • getting the backs to clip into the grooves easily, as the hardboard backs are flexible and seem to "want" to warp.
  • Hanging the doors on the sliderobes, they are heavy (often with full length mirrors) and require a good deal of skill, plus they must be finished off correctly otherwise there is a possibility the doors may come off.

If you require any tips regarding assembly or hanging the doors please do not hesitate to get in touch. An experienced assembler can build any of the range in 1 1/2 - 2 hours on his own, however a first timer could take 3-4 hours with assistance.

Instructions & Assembly

The instructions supplied are more of a schematic (see below) and so I have written a step by step guide which you can download from here. This is for the sliderobe, but the method for the Lima is almost identical:-

Sliderobe Assembly Guide Rauch Instructions

NB: Even if you do not download my assembly guide, please note, unless you are assembling on a smooth surface (i.e. laminate floor) YOU CANNOT MOVE THEM AFTER ASSEMBLY without risking damage to them.


Unfortunately I have noticed that from time to time some of the side panels and doors are slightly warped. This is not fatal! It is not clear to me whether this happens in the warehouse, in transit or whether it happens in people's homes. However they seem to me, more likely to warp if the boxes are stored stood up (portrait) rather than lying on their side (landscape).

Please consider this if you are storing them for a while prior to assembly. Generally it does not prevent assembly, but can make the process more difficult and if a sliding door is warped, you need to hang it appropriately so it doesn't catch/scrape on the other.

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