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Measuring for your installation

When measuring your room the following tips should help ensure you get off to a good start. They are particularly important if the space is tight:
  • "Measure Twice Cut Once" is an old saying, but whenever you measure anything do it twice. If two of your measurements differ, you have made a mistake. This simple approach can help avoid plenty of mistakes.
  • Make sure the tape measure is straight and not sagging or being pulled at an angle across the space. Both of these can make a space seem larger than it is.
    • A decent laser measure will be more accurate and much quicker and easier to use but these cost around £100. Cheaper ones have higher tolerances of say 10cm and are not suitable.
  • Take account of fixtures such as, picture rails and skirting boards, radiators etc. These cannot usually be moved and so could become awkward obstacles. Most flat pack furniture cannot be cut around them without weakening the strucutre of the unit and importantly invalidating the product warranty.
  • Check the furniture will clear the ceiling.
    • Ceiling heights (and floors) are usually uneven and the height will vary across the room.
    • If you are buying large wardrobes that are to be assembled lying down, you may need to check the item can be assembled lying down and then stood up (use Pythagoras's Theorem for this below)
    • What ceiling clearance is required above wardrobes during assembly? Some need screws to be put in to the top and 6 inches or so of room may be necessary.
  • Always check with suppliers whether advertised measurements are accurate or approximate, and what the tolerance is if your space is tight.

Pythagoras's Theorem :

The sum of the square of both sides is equal to the square of the hypotenuse i.e.:

(Height x Height) + (Depth x Depth) = (Diagonal x Diagonal)

So if you wardrobe is 238cm high x 60 cm deep then (i.e. Ikea Pax):

Diagonal = Square Root of (238 x 238 + 60 x 60) = 245.44 cm

This means if your ceiling clearance is more than 246cm you can build the wardrobe lying down then stand it up. If your ceiling is less than 246cm, you can't and must build it standing up. Also be aware that your carpet can affect the height of the room too.

With some wardrobes building them standing up is much more difficult, with others (such as Rauch) they can only be built standing up.