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Dwell are rapidly becoming an established player in contemporary affordable furniture. You can buy online, mail order or at their shops in London, Birmingham, Leeds and Manchester (City Centre & Trafford Centre). They now have almost 20 shops nationwide.

The furniture is relatively strightforward to assemble, but will take a little longer than most suppliers though the instructions are generally not very clear at all. You often have to use your intuition.

Skylon Floating Bed

I have written some instructions for these because I think the proposed method is cumbersome and requires at least three people. I built this bed on my own in just under two hours, but think with practice I could do it in about an hour. I have written up my instructions here:-

Skylon Floating Bed Instructions

Please feel free to download, print and read them for your own personal use and only use this approach if you are confident you can build the bed in this way.

Confusing Shelf Fixings

I have written a note about these in my Blogg- Dwell Fixtures, as some of the shelf supports are at first glance peculiar. Have a quick look at my blogg article, as it may prevent yuo form getting confused by something quite trivial.


Most of the wardrobes are actually quite difficult to assemble and are too big for an inexperienced assembler to build on their own. There is also a trick to building a Dwell wardrobe. You have to build them on their side. If you don't they are very difficult to assemble. When standing them up. Only tighten strategic camstuds as you go, tighten the reminader when you have put the final side on. When I say strategic, as a "first timer" you will find that you are tightening and loosening them several times as you build the unit. I would stress the point that, they are easier to assemble on their side, not easy.

Once assembled (excluding doors), stand them up. The correct way to do this is ensure the floor is clear and padded by cardboard packaging. Tilt the wardrobe onto its front, the lift it up. If you don;t you put undue stress on the joints. The cardboard is essential to protect the veneer on the base of the unit which will be under pressure when you lift. The wardorbes are heavy and unless you are strong two people are required to do this.

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