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Baby Nursery Furniture

Baby / Nursey Furniture


The following are brands of popular nursery furniture:

Baby Dan - High quality attractive nursery furniture. This is often very heavy, so ensure a couple of strong people are available to accept delivery. Can be difficult to assemble, use an experienced assembler if you do.

Izzy Wotnot - Good quality furniture, assembly is offered by the supplier for an additional charge..

Mamas & Papas - The most well know and well established nursery furniture supplier in the UK. The product is of a very high quality, though not as easy to assemble as it might be.

Tutti Bambini - Good quality product, the sets offer excellent value for money, with many free extras. All assembly is included in the price.

White or Painted Furniture

Regardless of who you buy it from, most white or painted furniture tends to be MDF, this is generally because a better smoother paint finish is achieved with MDF. MDF is not always a cheaper alternative to wood!

MDF - Medium Density Fibre board is effectively saw dust glued together to make a useable material (if you imagine chipboard but finer particles are used). Accordingly it can be made to any shape or size, but it often a lot heavy and not as hardy as normal wood and traditional wood base boards.


Almost all these firms either include free assembly or offer it as an added extra. It is not hard to see why, most buyers are pregnant women who are not in a fit state to assemble furniture and there are so many other things to prepare, if the supplier doesn't assemble it, "parents to be" will undoubtedly buy ready assembled or furniture including assembly.

Why is it so expensive?

You may have noticed that nursery furniture appears to be expensive across the board. There are number of reasons why this is so.

  • Nursery furniture tends to be purchased by parents expecting their first child. They want the best for their first child, the best top quality furniture they can get and are less likely to settle less. The market moves in this direction.
  • Like toys, nursery furniture must conform to higher specifications and legal regulation including amongst others, the type of paint (teething), position of slats, marks for max mattress thickness and so on. As a result all nursery furniture should be tested to ensure it complies.

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