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From opening the first UK store in Warrington to the presnet day, Ikea has changed and is still changing the view of flat pack furniture in this country.

Many of their products are stylish and priced extremely well, but when it comes to assembly, some items are a doddle others are difficult.

In my opinion the PAX range of wardrobes, is the best value and with the Komplement fittings the most flexible storage solution on the market. For under £1,000 you can get a very good wardrobe set which rivals built in furniture which often costs in the region of £2,000-£3,000. The finished look is often superior. The only caution I would add, is the assembly time, which is where I could help or offer some assembly advice if you get stuck.

I have also written down a few notes to give you an idea about what is required in building a suite of Pax wardrobes with Komplement fittings and sliding doors.

Another of the things Ikea are good at is that if fixtures or fittings are missing they can supply spares them without fuss at the store. This is incredible compared to other retailers who's only option is to rip open another box and rob the part of it for you, which invariably gets sold cascading the initial problem to the next customer! Mind you that said I have assembled hundreds of Ikea products and very rarely have I found anything to be missing.

The most important thing to remember if you are buying a lot of furniture from Ikea is to allow enough time. My Buying From Ikea page gives you an idea of the process if you have never been. It is worth a quick check, as having the right expectation will go a long way towards smoothing the process.

If you live in a big house or block of flats check out my delivery page as well, so you ask the right questions when arranging delivery. You can also cross reference this with this information at Ikea delivery

I'd also recommend measuring your ceiling height before you go if you are planing to buy any of the tall Pax or Hoben ranges.

If you haven't been before, enjoy your first trip and try some of their non-alcoholic Koperberg cider, it's beautiful!

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