The ultimate resource for help assembling flat pack funriture in the UK.

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Buying (online)

Furniture has traditionally been an expensive product to buy, then came flat pack and prices plummeted, then came mail order and online and the prices dropped further. ...More

Delivery Service

Sadly delivery is probably one of the most variable of services. There are a wide variety of companies involved in the supply chain, the level of service you receive is


Andre Victoire

Anndre Vicoitre was set up to help customers who want flat pack furniture, but want someone to assemble it for them. The company includes delivery and assembly in the price a


Baby / Nursey Furniture

  • Brands
  • White or Painted
  • Assembly
  • Ikea

    From opening the first UK store in Warrington to the presnet day, Ikea has changed and is still changing the view of flat pack furniture in this country. ...More

    Nabru Furniture

    The only products I have come across from Nabru are their corner settees. Once they have been built they look great and for the price they are extremely good value fo


    Frequently Asked Questions

    The FAQ section on this site will develop and re-strucutre over time, initially there will be a simple list of questions, but as it expand