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The main thing to note here is give yourself plenty of time. Many instruction sets will give you an idea of how many people and how long it should take but not all. Two


Tips and tricks

Below is a set of tips n tricks you may wish to refer to to help you get through your assembly.


For smaller items all you really need



Bedstar sell an impressively wide range of beds in amost every conceivable style and size.
Their website is easy to navigate and they split all styles in to six gr



Dreams mainly focus on beds however they also stock an interesting range of furniture, which is good quality as are their beds.
From experience it is all fairly



Harveys are part of the same group as Bensons for Beds, hence the fact that many stores contain both companies.

The Harveys range of flat pack


Sleeping Solutions

An enormous range of beds and bedroom furniture awaits you at Sleeping Solutions. The variety is simply huge.
I have listed some of the children's b


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