The ultimate resource for help assembling flat pack funriture in the UK.

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The main thing to note here is give yourself plenty of time. Many instruction sets will give you an idea of how many people and how long it should take but not all. Two


Tips and tricks

Below is a set of tips n tricks you may wish to refer to to help you get through your assembly.


For smaller items all you really need



Argos were to flat pack what Hoover is to vacuum cleaners, that was until Ikea came along! Anyhow Argos still supply a significant proportion of flat pack sol



Dwell are rapidly becoming an established player in contemporary affordable furniture. You can buy online, mail order or at their shops in London, Birmingham,



Harveys are part of the same group as Bensons for Beds, hence the fact that many stores contain both companies.

The Harveys range of flat pack



Part of the Home Retail Group which includes Argos and the furniture sold here is very similar to the Argos range:
  • Missing parts can b



    From opening the first UK store in Warrington to the presnet day, Ikea has changed and is still changing the view of flat pack furniture in this country. ...More


    In terms of quality the Littlewoods furniture is very similar to Argos, however they also stock Waring and Gillows some if which comes as flat


    Pine Solutions

    As the company name suggests most of their furniture is pine. However they suply the firniture in a variety of finishes, including a brillian



    Six years ago I was asked to tender for an assembly service for Tesco. Back then they intended to enter the catalogue market (including furniture) with a v