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Pine Solutions Cameo Furniture in White

Sunday, October 19th, 2008

As the company name suggests most of Pine Solutions furniture is pine. However they supply the firniture in a variety of finishes, including a brilliant glossy white, which is beautiful. This is the Cameo range:-

Cameo three peice bedroom furniture

Cameo three peice bedroom furniture

As with most Pine Solutions furniture the assembly errs towards screws rather than other fittings (such as cam studs and torsion pins) and can take slightly longer than other suppliers to assemble as a result, but the instructions are clear and the product goes together very easily.

The final results of this range are very impressive too. As I say the white finish on the Cameo range of furniture is probably some of the best I have seen.

Very often with white furniture it is not packaged properly, for example unsightly marks appear or the paint isn’t quite dry leaving a rough section where the packaging touched. This is deinfitely not the case with the Cameo range of furniture which from what I have seen so far is excellent!

Chest of 4 plus 2 Drawers from Pine Solutions

Chest of 4 plus 2 Drawers from Pine Solutions

Cameo Bedside Table in white

Cameo Bedside Table in white

Furniture 123 and sales in general

Friday, October 10th, 2008

I’ve been rooting through the Internet and noticed that a great many retailers are in the midst of sales and some fantastic bargains can be had.

Furniture123 for example currently offer FREE delivery and also have some end of line items available to clear.

The website has had a big overall since I last viewed it and the product range has expanded, they cover everything from cheap and cheery to some of the more high end items.

I’d draw your attention to the Palermo Bed in Brown which is now on sale at £175.98. A year or two ago beds like this were selling for between £300-£400, so there are some massive savings to be had. This style of bed was the defacto bed that was being installed in city centre apartments up and down the UK for stylish city centre living. I know I built enough!

I thnk this really emphasises the state of the economic climate at the moment and there are some really good bargains out there!

Mind you if the economy is really getting you down, you could do worse than buy yourself a crate of wine from Laithwaites, they have a fabulous Introductory Offer at the moment for only £49.99. I’ve been drinking their wine for about 6-7 years now and honestly think it is the best value for money of al the wine clubs. I’m also a member of Virgin becuase they sell McGuigans Red which is a delight. Not a fancy or expensive wine, and if you find red wine difficult this one is genuinely just like drinking blackcurrent squash!

All prices and details listed in this post were checked on 10th October 2008.