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Ever thought of using Scratch Cards to get extra Referral business?

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

Most people in business are constantly looking at new ways of getting new customers, we all have tried and trusted methods which bring some in, but we always need new business. One approach often touted is that it is easier to get business out of your existing customers than it is to get new ones. Referrals are the main way of doing this, but how hard is it to get genuine referrals? We had a good think about this and have done our best to remove the barriers to getting them.

5,000 Regular Scratch Cards from £419

So what have we done? We’ve been using promotional scratch cards to improve the marketing of our business. We have designed a range with four different prizes or offers. The basic idea is, that we hand them out to customers to pass to their friends and colleagues who might be interested in our services. Each card has a space where we write their reference number so we know who handed out the card. We give our existing customer a 10% fee for introducing a new customer and the new customer has the fun of scratching off the panel to reveal an enticing offer. We use the following four offers:

£150 off a Zencart website

20% off a 6 page website

50% off a Drupal CMS on your website

Free Website Marketing Audit

- see for more details and our other offers

On our website we list all four offers and the option to trade one offer for another. This way it doesn’t matter what the potential client has won, they can choose whichever offer appeals most to them. This is a great way to gain referrals since it’s a win win for everyone involved.

We also use the scratch cards as business cards. Although they cost a bit more than standard business cards, they do not cost much more and they are a much more interesting way to pass on your details and increase business.

Edwin-Cooke Website Offers

If you have got a scratch card please scroll down to find full details of the offers available.

Not got the offer you wanted? – Not to worry, you can swap offers, just so long as you have the scratch card with you when you order, you can choose whichever offer suits you best.

Please note you must state you wish to use a scratch card offer when enquiring about engaging our services.

£150 off a Zencart website

This is a simple discount on the price of a standard Zencart website. As is usual with our payment structure we split the payment into three equal amounts and hence you get 3 x £50 discounts, one for each payment.

20% off a 6 page website

A six page website usually costs £600, but with this discount you can have one for as little as £480.

50% off a Drupal CMS on your website

We normally charge £250 to add Drupal CMS to our websites. With this discount offer we will add this to your website for £125. Please note this offer is only guaranteed for websites we have delivered. Some sites developed by other companies may not be suitable for Drupal.

Free Website Marketing Audit

The free version of the audit is less in depth, but still provides a useful snapshot of where your website is in relation to competitors and what you can do to improve its visibility through a variety of common techniques. This document normally costs £100 to prepare.

The more you prepare the luckier you get.

Our full audit goes into much further detail and covers everything you need to know about marketing your website, from the suitability of a domain, the keywords required to how competitive the market is you wish to operate in. This document can make the difference between setting up a successful website and setting up a website that when you come to market it, you realise if only we had done or considered this! This document normally costs £600 to prepare but with a scratch card referral we will prepare for half price £300.