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June 13th, 2012

“I’d like a wardrobe or storage unit in my lounge and am thinking of the Pax Wardrobe 236 cm tall.. I have 300 cm tall room and wanted to mount it to the wall but also see if I could put the stepping stools on the bottom making it taller. Also I have uneven floors. Is this doable?”

Hi Mark,

I am not quite sure exactly what you mean by “Stepping Stools”. However it is probably not a good idea to put anything underneath the wardrobes. Each 1 metre wide unit weights over 30kg and with the extra weight of internal fittings, doors and drawers, the weight could become excessive once you start putting clothes and possessions inside.

I would approach it the other way around. Ikea do an extension unit (I can;t remember the name) which can increase the height of the Billy Bookcase. It is not as deep but might help you achieve your aim.

One point about the Pax wardrobes the top and bottom are connected to the side panels with three minifix fittings and two thin dowels at each connection to a side panel. If you stand on the base near to these fittings it can collapse under your weight. This is only really a risk during assembly especially with the corner Pax robes, but nevertheless, they are not designed to be built on stilts or have extra heavy units placed on top of them. If you go down this route, make sure you reinforce the fittings and consider how the weight of the upper units will be supported.

I am sorry I cannot be more helpful.