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Glass doors not lining up on a Rauch sliderobe?

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

Hi im a single mum and recently bought rauch sliding glass wardrobe from ebay,the wardrobes didn’t come with instructions so my daughters boyfriend tried to do the best he could, but when it came time to putting on the two glass doors we have found they are not lining up correctly one door has huge gap at top and wont close the gap the other door is playing up as well. we followed the instructions this site gave us but dont know where we went wrong and help or suggestion would be fantastic.

Hi Jane,

The most common reasons for this is that the wardrobe is not level. A quick way to establish this is to just push or pull the wardrobe back and forth at each side and see how this influences the alignment of the doors.

Use a spirit level and check the following:-

- Floor of wardrobe is horizontal and flat (left to right and front to back). Check in several places behind both doors.
- Side panels are vertical (again check in a few positions, top and bottom, front and back both sides.
- Wardrobe is not leaning forward / backwards on one side.

If it is not level, you will need to insert some cardboard, plastic chocks or similar under the wardrobe at various points to level the unit. Only do this where the vertical side panels rest on the floor, otherwise the fixings can break. Depending on the age of your property your floor will be more or less uneven. The wardrobes are about 2 metres wide and a few mm over this distance can make a big difference, in severe cases the difference is a couple of inches and must be rectified otherwise the wardrobe will collapse in time.

Once you are satisfied the wardrobe is level you can look at the finer adjustments but this should not be necessary. Avoid phaphing about with the adjustable settings on the wheel bogeys until you are certain the wardrobe is level.


If one door is lower than the other. It could be one door is upside down. They put a red sticker on the inside to indicate which way up is the top. The holes where the wheel bogeys and the guides are attached are slightly closer to the edge (at the top I think) and so getting this wrong will cause problems.

I hope this helps let me know how you get on.