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Taking Doors of a sliding doors wardrobe

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

We need to remove the doors so we can move the wardrobes to get carpet fitted - although we have the instructions - and can get the outer door off the top runners - we cant seem to get them off the bottom at the same time. Ive slid the two grey ’square shaped’ blocks which sit on the top of one door towards the back and the other ‘clip’ on the inside top of the other door which I understand release the doors but its not working.  Any help gratefully received.

Hi Lesley,

In order to do this you may need to remove some of the Komplement fittings you might have, such as drawers near the bottom of the unit. Most of these clip out quite easily.

You will need to create some space in one of the widest units so you can climb inside. You can then unscrew the lower guides off the outer door.

If you do not fancy doing this, you can still do it by creating the space (as indicated above), and then leaning inside to unscrew the first lower guide nearest to you.

In order to access the other lower guide, you will need to create some space on the opposite side of the wardrobe, then simply slide the door back and repeat, taking care to hold the outer door away from the inner door so you do not scratch it.

Once you have removed the two lower guides, you can then easily lift the door off. Be especially careful not to catch the inner door with the upper runners when you remove the outer door.

I hope this helps. If you still have difficulty you can give me a call to discuss or let me know where you are and I can get someone to help.