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Replacement Gas Strutt for Ottoman

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

We think one of the locking gas canisters has gone and the bed won’t stay up when lifted. Can we get spares?

I would try the company that supplied your bed in the first place. If that is no use,you Can try Screwfix or Ironmongery Direct.

The strutt may have a rating on it indicating what pressure/weight it can support. You will need to get one that matches this.

Gas Strut Piston Beds

Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

I was tootling around on the Internet today and I came across the correct term for these. Apparently they are Ottoman beds, or the Ottoman style. You know the sort of thing that pivots at one end near the head board and allows you to lift the bed at the foot and tore stuff underneath. This is a good example from Bed Star :-


These beds are fairly straightforward to put together. The main difficult comes when attaching the bed frame to the mattress slats as the gas struts are generally very stiff and you are always anxious not to damage them. Ideally two people are needed, one to hold up the slats whilst the other attaches the gas strut.

There are always more than one way to crack and egg so here is what I do when building them on my own and have sufficient space. Once I have built the bed and attached or positioned the frame, I lift the bed up at one side and rest it on its side. This will then allow me to position the slatted part so that I can easily attach the gas struts. You can then return the bed to its natural position. In order to apply sufficient pressure to condense the gas struts I always try to put the mattress on first. Mattresses are heavy and this is why the struts are so strong.

In order to complete my technique correctly you need to be:-

  • Strong enough to easily lift the bed
  • Careful enough not to damage walls and other furniture.
  • Double checked that you have build the bed so far properly
  • Have had a good think about what good happen if it starts to slip!

They are good beds though!