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Argos Canvas furniture instructions

Thursday, June 21st, 2012

I wonder if you could please help me. I have been given a set of Argos Canvas furniture. One three shelved wardrobe and one three shelved set of shelves there are no instruction as to how to put it together.

I would be very grateful if you could help in any way at all.

Hi Anne,

Have a look for the item on the Argos website, many of the items have the instructions available for download as a PDF. Failing that find the product number (this is required) off the website or box and phone the Argos helpline and they will be able to send you a copy.


Instructions for Assembling Ikea Pax Sliding doors

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

I have been assembling these doors for several years now and the first time I did it I thought it would be quite intimidating to do. I hate working with glass and the the overall process is quite tricky. Furthermore the instructions are not that easy to follow and the first time I did it part of me thought have I done this right? So I scoured the instructions over and over again to ensure I had, looking at every part of the Ikea instructions. The nice think about Ikea instructions is that usually every piece of information you need is there, just presented in an international non-language specific diagrammatical way!

So far I have written the following sets of instructions on Ikea Pax wardrobes:-

  • How to build an Ikea wardrobe standing up.
  • How to rectify a collapsed Ikea wardrobe
  • How to build the Ikea Pax Sliding Doors

All instructions are available at:-

Ikea Help

Skylon floating bed in white is Beautiful

Saturday, February 5th, 2011

This is an incredibly contemporary and stylish bed from Dwell. I built one this morning and it looks fabulous.

Dwell Skylon Floating Bed

The instructions for assembly leave a lot to be desired though. The main idea is that you build the bed base and build the head board and then slot the two pieces together. Nothing wrong with that you may think but there is. Due to its weight you need two people to lift the head board and probably a third person to line up the bolts and dowels, which need to come together at a handy 45 degree angle. Now bearing in mind there are three bolts and three dowels on each side, even if you were to attempt this it would be fraught,  since I doubt both sides would line up nicely and you would need a decent amount of lateral force as well as downward force to bring the two pieces together.

In my opinion the correct way to build this is using my standard “let gravity do the work for you” approach and build it in a logical manner piece by piece. This was the first one I had seen and it took my 90 minutes but I think second time around I could build it in about an hour on my own, yes on my own.

I’ll be writing some instructions on how to do this with photos and so on which will be available soon at Dwell Furniture Help.

The bed however is beautiful, the finish is glossy, expensive and ultra-glamorous.