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Screw holes too small

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

Hi, i’m putting together a John Lewis corner unit, (tvilum-scanbirk 65010) and 8 of the drill holes are too small to take the screws that are provided. All of the other pieces are matched up and accounted for so the only option I can see is to make the holes wider myself using a drill. Or could the instructions be wrong? Either way its not something I really want to have to do - any advice gratefully accepted.

Hi Phil,

I have never come across this type of problem with John Lewis furniture.

You have probably used the wrong screws elsewhere and therefore are left with screws that are too big for these holes. I would double check the quantities used in early steps against the inventory to see where you have done it. The screws you could have misused might not be holding other parts correctly so double check.

You can drill the holes wider if you are carefuly but this shouldn’t necessary and I am sure you have made a mistake earleir in yur assembly.


Assembling Bunk Beds - John Lewis Ashton Bunkbed

Sunday, February 6th, 2011

Whether it is a bunk bed or loft bed, it is important to heed the warnings on the instructions. If you do not attach the slats properly to the upper bunk your child can suffer serious injury. The following two things have been identified:-

  1. The slats must all be fastened down on the top or raised bunk. On a normal bed the slats are often strung together and fastened down at six anchor point. If the slats fall through the bed you only have 12 inches to fall so no issue. If you are on the top bunk, such a fall could cause a serious injury, especially considering the way the slats might move and trap an unlucky child.
  2. Slat must be placed right up to the head and foot boards on the upper bunk. Again an unlucky child could slip and get trapped in a seriously uncomfortable or fatal position.
The chances of these two things happening are increased during play and therefore it is imperative that bunk beds and loft beds are assembled correctly.

John Lewis Ashton Bunkbed

Voucher Discount Codes - Money off Furniture

Friday, February 4th, 2011

One activity which is well worth while is visiting Flatpack Assemblers to get some Voucher Codes. All you need to is

  1. Select an assembler’s area by postcode at the top of the page.
  2. On the next page enter your email in the box at the top.

You will be emailed a link to a list of retailers including:-

High Street Names: B&Q, Barker & Stonehouse, British Home Stores, Debenhams, Dreams, Focus DIY, Habitat, John Lewis, Laura Ashley, Marks & Spencers

Popular Internet Retailers: Bedstar, Furniture 123, Furniture Village, Garden Bargains, Nabru, Oak Furniture Land, Oak Furniture Solutions, Pinesolutions, Space2, Super Tramp, Sleeping Solutions

Offers cannot usually be used on sale items and are time limited, but can save you 5-10% off your next  furniture purchase!