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Repair wardrobe side panel

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

hi do you have any tips on how to repair wardrobes where someone has lifted them by the side panel and the metal peg that screws into the side panel (and then is has the circular cross head lock on the other end in the shelf or base) has been ripped from the hole taking some of the surrounding wood with it so the hole is now to big and the side panel just pulls away?

Hi Gary,

Firstly, you might need to strengthen the joint. If the damage is at the base, this will probably mean removing the contents and the doors, before tipping the wardrobe onto its front. This will give you access to the base where you can secure one or more small L brackets or plastic blocks. Once this is done you can stand the wardrobe up again. If it is at the top then you will need to effect a similar repair discretely.

If you have any of the damaged wood particles, I would use some PVA wood glue and push these into position around the hole. This will take around 24 hours to dry. You should be able to push these pieces back and cover the hole to some extent. Use a reasonable amount of glue to ensure it is solid and wipe away any excess.

To tidy up the visual aspect. Nip into yuor local Tool Station who supply wax touch up crayons in a variety of finishes they are likely to have a pack which will match. These cost about £3-£5 each so are not expensive and will cover up the mess nicely.